Celebrate with the locals

What celebrations are happening in the world this month?
We follow the best sales, releases on the globe. It could be in the nation you are reading this from!

New Arrivals

Cariuma sneakers made in Rio, Brazil. Made with fair-trade cotton, leather comes from Brazil, Argentina, and Thailand. (No leather is sourced from an area that was deforested for cattle farming, packaging is made from recycled and 100% recyclable materials..  Read more

Northern Hemisphere

From Australia to Spain. Tall boots made of different materials.
Keep warm this autumn.
Australian sheepskin boots

Authentic Australian sheepskin boots & slippers. Few makers left in Australia. We have selected the best.

French rain boots

This September keep your toes dry with very stylish French made wellingtons.

Spanish tall boots

Frequently worn by Duchess of Cambridge. Frequently sold out. Expertly crafted in Spain.

Southern Hemisphere

View shoes designed and made all over the world.
Premium hard to find brands flaunting unique styles, vintage looks and quality craftsmanship.
Spanish beach rope espadrilles

Slip on espadrilles has taken everyone by surprise.
Smart casual paired with jeans or shorts.

Coloured sole Birkenstocks

Birkenstock released navy, white, red, and plain soles.
Colour of the sole makes a great difference.

Euro poolside slippers

European waterpolo players brought these into fashion.
By the thermal spa or beachside pool. A very fresh look.

Tidal flip flops made in New York, USA. 5 x more durable than the average flip flop, 100% wind powered factory & materials sourced from U.S.-based family-run companies, from $26… Read more


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Nations of Shoe

The online store of premium hard to find shoes designed and made all around the world.
Flaunting unique styles, vintage looks, and quality craftsmanship.


The shoe industry has a long past in many nations around the world. Let’s ensure this unique knowledge is not lost.

Authentic shoe styles

Shoe styles are shared worldwide however nations still create authentic styles unique to them.

Shoe makers. Worldwide

Shoe production is found in villages, towns, and cities on a worldwide level. It employs millions of people from design to, materials, to makers.